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Dan and Harvey - The Labrador Brothers

Dan and his brother Harvey are nearly 2 years old. They are from the same litter. Yes, we know that it is difficult to train 2 dogs at the same time…………….and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, although we seem to have coped fairly well because we exercise them every day and we have a lot of public areas where we live.
The “boys” have had all their injections, have been chipped and receive regular check ups and flea treatment from our local vet.
I drive an estate car and used to travel with them in the rear part of the car, where the tailgate is. We don’t take them far at all but we do need to drive to some of the better dog walk areas, nearby to our home. They used to really dislike going in the car and would become somewhat of a distraction by not lying still in the back section – they would keep moving around and start barking most of the time.

I suppose most dog owners tend to talk to each other in parks and when on walks in the country and so forth. It was when I was with the “boys” on a walk recently that another lady saw me having such trouble with them in my car and she recommended that I try a seat belt harness for the dogs and to see if that helped at all. So, off I popped to our local pet store and sure enough they stocked them and I bought two large size car harnesses. Initially the dogs where somewhat confused by these new contraptions but they soon got used to them and now even make a move to where we store them, if I pick up my car keys or put my dog walking coat on.
I told my vet, David, about my findings and suggested that he might inform other dog owners about how good they are for curing the “nervous passenger” dogs.
Of course they are also very good for protecting the dogs if I should ever have to brake quickly or in an emergency. Another thing is that now they are bigger and stronger, I can attach their dog leads easily, one at a time, to their harnesses – which makes it easier and safer to get them out of the car. Best to put an old rug on the seat though – especially when they are moulting heavily.

Amy Coulter, Edinburgh 29th August 2009
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