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Plans & Premium
At pet2insure, we understand that different people have different budgets and so we have 4 plans available for your dog. Our plans and benefit levels are detailed below.
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For your dog Diamond Diamond Care Diamond Care Plus Diamond Premier Care Plus
Monthly Premium
- Gross Premium Pedigree £12.20 £18.02 £21.51 £25.58
- Gross Premium Crossbreed £8.72 £13.37 £16.28 £19.18
- Gross Premium Select Breed £15.12 £21.51 £24.99 £29.06
Policy Details £500 limit* £1,000 limit* £1,000 limit* £1,000 limit*
Excess £250 PL £150 claim £250 PL £100 claim £250 PL £100 claim £250 PL £100 claim
Vet Fees
Vet Fees
Vet's fees cover for 12 months (max limit shown in schedule) for necessary treatment following accident or illness including physiotherapy, certain prescription diets, treatment & referral.
£1,500 £2,000 £2,500 £3,000
Death Benefit
Death Benefit
Death from accident or illness cover is provided up to the price paid for or market value of your pet whichever is less.
£350 £500 £750 £1,000
Holiday Cancellation
Holiday Cancellation
Cancellation or curtailment of holiday because your pet needs life saving surgery following an accident or illness within 14 days of your holiday.
n/a £750 £1,000 £1,350
Boarding Fees
Boarding Fees
Cover is provided for the cost of boarding your pet should you have to spend more than 3 days in hospital.
£100 £500 £750 £1,250
Theft / Straying
We pay up to the purchase price paid or the amount shown in policy schedule if the insured pet is not found within 28 days. We will also pay towards advertising and reward for your pet.
£350 £500 £750 £1,000
Advertising/Reward £100 £450 £650 £750
Public Liability
Public Liability
Your legal liability to a third party, for the damages and costs arising from your ownership of the insured pet; your costs and expenses of defending criminal proceedings incurred with our written consent.
£250,000 £300,000 £350,000 £350,000
Accidental Damage
Accidental Damage
Accidental damage caused to a third party's personal property.
£100 £250 £500 £750
* Limit per condition under cover for vet fees
Dog Insurance Coverage
Customer Care Advisors: 0845 459 9696 (UK) +44 845 459 9696 (INTL)
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