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Charlie The Westie

Towards the end of 2007, after much debate and deliberation, our family agreed that we would find ourselves a Westie puppy and we would all be responsible for his or her upbringing. The usual promises from the children about daily chores and tasks were agreed and to be fair, they have both adhered to their agreements fully. After much research, we finally got our puppy from a breeder in Scotland – and he’s just gorgeous and an absolute pleasure to have around the house – although initially, he did rather like to chew the kitchen table leg a little but that’s all stopped now.

The trouble with Charlie is that he’s accident prone. Over the past 6 months alone, he has been to our local vet with 2 injuries. The first was when he tumbled down the stairs and fractured one of his front legs. We do have a house rule that Charlie is not allowed upstairs at anytime, for any reason – but it would appear that curiosity must have got the better of him on this occasion, so off to the vet we went. The second time was when he came running in from the garden, whining and obviously in some pain – it would seem that somehow – he’d managed to discover a wasp’s nest in the garden wall and had received multiple stings for his trouble. Off to the vets we went again. So, our story is that, we haven’t had pet insurance up to this point – but with his track record and a few other catastrophes besides, we have selected pet2insure to give us some cover for the “inevitable” journey ahead. We found them very helpful in selecting the best cover for Charlie and whilst we haven’t had to make a claim yet, unless he changes his ways, we would have to assume that it will only be a matter of time before we will probably have to. Let’s hope he’s been through his curious puppy phase now though!!!!

Rita Morrison, via email 5th May 2009
Rodney - April 2009

I could tell that Rodney, my cat wasn't feeling well as he was withdrawn and off his food - which is just not like the usual affectionate biscuit munching outdoor cat that he is.

We took him to the vet immediately, they examined him and said that he was jaundiced with possible liver failure. They recommended that he be hospitalised and put on a drip whilst they carried out tests.

He was with them for 8 days over which time he had numerous blood test, x rays and fluids. They treated him with antibiotics and he gradually improved and made a full recovery.

If I hadn't of had pet insurance then it would have cost me £700, so it was a great relief that I did. Pet2insure dealt with the claim quickly and efficiently.

Jennifer - Merseyside
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